Remindr - Client Download

You can download the Remindr client from the link below.

Installation can be done on any computer with Best Practice or Medical Director installed and should take just a few minutes.

If you'd like some assistance setting the client up please give us a call on (07) 3839 4321 or email us at service to schedule a time for us to help you set it up.

Download Version Operating System File Size MD5 Sum*
Remindr Setup 0.1.5 Windows 14,557 KB 46f1a5df1a9dac0519941e31405862dd

* For verifying checksums on Windows you can use HashCheck

What's new?


  • Added support for appointments in both Best Practice and Medical Director. Just push the new 'Populate appointments' button.
  • Added a new 'Uncheck no mobile' button to quickly deselect all rows that don't have a valid mobile phone number.
  • Added a new 'Print unsent' option in the File menu. This will print all messages that have not been sent to the Remindr site.


  • Bug fix - in certain cases the reason text populated from Best Practice wasn't being sent to the site.


  • Medical Director support.
  • After pushing 'Send to Remindr' and after all the Remindrs have been sent to the site, the site will automatically open in your default browser to the View Pending Messages page.
  • Configuration for the application now sits in a user's home directory, allowing for multiple users on the same computer using different logins.