Send recalls and reminders quickly, at a fraction of the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does remindr cost???

Each message costs between 16 and 20c, depending on how many credits you buy. You only pay for messages delivered to your customer's mobile network. Installation is free. Support is free.

Can I send appointment reminders with the same system?

We did that before anybody else, with our Appointment Manager product. We'll be rolling this functionality into Remindr soon.

Is this thing secure?

As far as we can make it, yes. All data is protected using industry standard SSL security. All passwords are additionally encrypted. We recommend that you do not send clinical specifics to patients as nobody can guarantee the security of a mobile phone (any more than they can a letter or a fax).

Can patients reply to the message?

Yes! Any reply will be emailed to you, complete with the text of the original message.

Who supplies this service? Pty Ltd. Health IT specialists since 1995. Phone (07) 3839 4321

Sounds great. What do I need to get started?

An e-mail address and some credit. Click here to start.

Is there a tutorial I can view?

Sure there's a detailed tutorial available here.