Initial Setup - Login

After registering to the site and installing the Remindr application after downloading it from Downloads page you'll be first met with an Initial Setup screen.

In this screen you'll need to type in the e-mail/password that you signed up to the remindr website with.

The application will then test the connection to the site to ensure the details you entered in is correct and that it can communite with the website.

Initial Setup - Database

In this screen you'll need to type in the name or the IP address of your Best Practice or Medical Director database server.

The application will then test the connection to the database and let you know if it has any issues connecting.

If you have any issues with this step and would like a hand, please give us a call on (07) 3839 4321.

Home screen

After the initial setup and when you open the application normally this is the first screen you'll see.

From here your next step will generally be to populate reminder details in to the application with details from Best Practice/Medical Director.

You can edit some basic options from the Options -> Edit menu. From here you can change the e-mail/password for the remindr website that the application uses to send the information.

Populating reminder details

Once you push the button 'Populate reminders' you will be presented with a screen that allows you to search for reminders between a date range, for certain users or for certain reasons.

Click the picture to the left for a short animated video of how to use this screen.

Checking and sending to Remindr

After you've populated the reminders you'll be presented with details of all the reminders that match your search.

From here you can ensure the details are correct before sending them to the site. You'll need to ensure every person who will be sent a reminder has a mobile phone number. If they don't have a mobile phone number you won't be able to send their details to Remindr.

If you don't want to send the details of a certain patient to the website, untick the box at the far right, these will be skipped over.

When you're happy with the details, push 'Send to Remindr' to send them to the website.

Sent messages and printing

Messages that have been successfully sent to the Remindr website will be highlighted in green the text in the Sent column will be changed to Sent.

If you'd like to print these details you can be accessing the print option from the File menu up the top.

Sending reminders to patients

After sending details to the Remindr site from the Remindr application you'll need to login to the Remindr website.

After logging in you'll be at the home screen for your site. From here you can see a queue of messages that have yet to be sent to patients.

If you want to delete any of these, just tick the Delete box on the far right and then push the 'Delete selected messages' button.

If you want to send all these messages, push 'Send pending messages'. All the messages in the queue will be sent in the background and you can continue with your work without needing to leave the website open.

Changing message text

To change the message text, select 'Change message text' from the top navigation bar.

In this screen you'll be able to use several variables to change the text of the messages sent to patients. The variables available are listed to the right.

Below the text box there is a tick box that will update messages that haven't yet been sent with the new text.

Please note that the shorter the text the better, if messages are longer than 160 characters they are split into multiple text messages and each message will cost one credit.


Your available credit balance is listed on the credit of the navigation bar.

To add more credits, click on 'Credits' then push the 'Add more credit' button. This will then take you to Paypal where you will be able to pay to top up.